Estate Administration Case Study

Mrs. B was a long-time client of the firm. She was a widow at a young age and had one child who suffered from some developmental disabilities. Phelan, Frantz, Ohlig & Wegbreit helped her create an estate plan that would allow for her son to continue to live independently after she passed away while maintaining assets appropriately. When Mrs. B died after a long illness, Phelan, Frantz, Ohlig & Wegbreit served as counsel to the executor of her estate. Mrs. B owned real property in 5 different states, which meant that 5 different sets of estate tax laws had to be evaluated and considered. In addition, the property held in those states had to be moved out of Mrs. B’s name and into the trust she established for her son. Because of the firm’s long-term relationship with Mrs. B, attorneys at Phelan, Frantz, Ohlig & Wegbreit worked closely with Mrs. B’s son to explain the terms of the trust and helped him connect with social services that would teach him skills needed to pay bills and maintain the properties. It took over 2 years to settle Mrs. B’s estate and transfer all her assets into a trust for her son’s benefit. Phelan, Frantz, Ohlig & Wegbreit continues to work closely with the trustee of the trust to ensure that Mrs. B’s wishes are respected and implemented.