Estate Planning Case Study

Laura and Beth were the perfect definition of a modern family. The same-sex couple shared one child in common and each had one other child from a prior relationship who were teenagers at the time the couple came to Phelan, Frantz, Ohlig & Wegbreit. Laura and Beth had unique concerns about how their respective assets would pass should something happen to either of them. The couple owned certain property together, that they wished to pass to the survivor, and other property in their individual names, that they wished to pass to their children. In addition, Laura and Beth were concerned that they were not legally married and that a hospital or doctor would not respect their relationship should a power of attorney or health care proxy be required. Phelan, Frantz, Ohlig & Wegbreit was able to talk through their concerns and present them with the reality of inheritance tax consequences resulting from their relationship status. Laura and Beth were able to make informed decisions about how their estate planning documents should be drafted.