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As an elder law care firm, we assist individuals and families with a range of needs related to caring for and protecting the rights and interests of the elderly.

Within elder care law, our knowledgeable, compassionate lawyers work with both aging adults as well as their children and other loved ones.

Together can assess what the elderly individual needs and take steps to ensure that his or her wishes are considered and upheld whenever possible. We have worked on hundreds of elder care law cases and we understand the special needs and concerns facing older adults. Our work in elder care law is closely linked with our estate planning and guardianship services, and we call upon that expertise as needed to ensure the elderly individual has her or her financial, legal, and healthcare needs—as well as end-of-life wishes—considered and planned for as much as possible.

Our services include:

  • Medicaid planning
  • Long-term healthcare planning
  • Powers of attorney
  • Guardianship
  • Elder care planning
  • Independent and assisted-living arrangements
  • Trusts
  • Estate planning

It’s critical to start the process of planning for the possible care and needs you’ll have later in life as early as possible. Careful, thoughtful planning is key to ensuring the elderly individual’s assets are protected and future secured well in advance. Because so few individuals have long-term care insurance, many are left unprotected when disaster strikes. With no long-term care insurance, financial assets can quickly be depleted in the event of serious illness or injury.

Similarly, Medicaid, which provides health insurance for individuals 65 and over, has strict eligibility and income requirements. Through careful planning, we can help you reduce the number of assets Medicaid will consider in determining whether you are eligible. Because Medicaid is the single-largest payer of nursing home bills in the U.S., this insurance offers a means for elderly individuals to get the long-term care they need without exhausting life savings. But ensuring you or your aging loved one will qualify takes meticulous planning and forethought. These are steps that are best undertaken when the aging individual is still healthy.

If you’re the child or loved one of aging adult and must address these concerns yourself, we not only assist you with the paperwork and logistics—we take the time to offer our support and an empathetic ear. As deeply experienced elder care law attorneys, we realize that arranging for the care or needs of an aging parent or loved one can be a painful experience, and we pledge to treat you and your loved ones as if you are members of our own families. We also understand how important it is to many aging adults to maintain as much as independence as safely possible, and we work diligently to help you and your family preserve that autonomy.

Contact the elder care law attorneys at PFO&W today to discuss your elder care law, long-term care, and Medicaid planning needs. We look forward to speaking with you.