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Our estate planning experts will work with the named executor, or appointed administrator when there's no Will, in implementing the decedent's estate plan by working with the family and heirs from the time of death through final distribution of the assets. PFO&W lawyers respectfully help families navigate the entire probate process during a difficult time.

Faced with the death of someone you care for, the prospect of carrying out your loved one’s final wishes can seem overwhelmingly difficult. Phelan, Frantz, Ohlig & Wegbreit’s NJ estate administration lawyers not only provide expert estate administration, but also offer support, guidance, and an empathetic ear during a challenging and emotional time. In this capacity, we most often represent individuals appointed as executors of their loved one’s Will. We also work with families when their loved one has died without a Will to identify and seek the appointment of someone as administrator of the decedent’s estate. Finally, we work with beneficiaries named in the Will.

As experienced NJ estate administration lawyers, we help families navigate the entire probate process, taking the time to ensure they understand each and every step from having the Will accepted by the probate court to closing the estate and distributing assets to the beneficiaries. We work with executors and administrators to minimize New Jersey and federal estate and inheritance taxes and file the necessary paperwork for the release of assets in an efficient and timely manner.

Our estate lawyers are responsive, intuitive, caring individuals, and handling the administrative aspect of the estate settlement process is just one aspect of what do. We recognize that you, your family, and other loved ones of the deceased are experiencing complex emotions as you grieve. Throughout this process, you can count on Phelan, Frantz, Ohlig & Wegbreit to be objective, empathetic, and level-headed as we work with you to administer your loved one’s estate.

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