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Our small business attorneys can advise on the options for starting a business, legal requirements, risk assessment and minimization, adding of partners and succession planning for eventual retirement.

Setting up a new small business can be an incredibly complex process. The decisions you make as you establish your new company will have far-reaching implications for you and your business, now and in the future. A skilled attorney can help you navigate small business planning decisions and plan for situations you may not have considered.

As small business owners ourselves, we understand the unique challenges and situations small businesses face. We bring a level of objectivity and expertise to the process that can benefit both new entrepreneurs and experienced business owners alike. We keep you on track, focused on laying the groundwork necessary to give your business the best chance for success.

Also, consider that while starting a business on your own is difficult enough, it can become more complicated when one or more partners are involved. Experienced small business attorneys can guide you and your partners through the planning process with a detached, practical perspective that will undoubtedly add value to the business planning process.

As trusted, experienced small business attorneys, we guide you in:

  • Choosing an entity structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, S Corp, or C Corp)
  • Determining roles and responsibilities and setting expectations within partnerships
  • Assessing your business and personal risk and taking steps to minimize those risks
  • Determining what, if any, special licenses, permits, etc. may be required
  • Restructuring an existing business
  • Succession planning
  • Adding partners
  • Buying and selling business assets

We can also draft corporate governance documents, incorporation documents, and a variety of other business documents and contracts. Contact us today to discuss your small-business planning needs. We look forward to speaking with you.